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Wattpad Collaborations




The Sea Chest:

Collaboration with Comedy Central in connection to the launch of their new show, Another Period.


When the Bellacourt chilldren discover the dirty family secret hidden in the attic, they have to make a choice about keeping it on the low.


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How to Write Fanfiction:

Collaboration with Wattpad's Fanfiction account on How to Write Fanfiction


An analysis on Style as a writing element.


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Silas Confidential:

Offical Wattpad tie-in for Carmilla, written by Tawny Stokes


As a freshman at Silas University, Mary Ringwold is quickly getting used to the weird. If anything, she thrives on it, absorbing the university's strange traditions and rituals like a sponge and embracing them wholeheartedly. Or, at least, she was enjoying until the girls across the hall decided to get up to something hinky and deprive Mary of her beauty sleep. Kept up late into the night, Mary decides to theorize about the strange noises, and then to investigate them. Braving several trips to the library, Mary discovers the dark history of the dorm she calls home and decides that the best thing to do when faced with compelling evidence of a haunting is to befriend the ghost.


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