The Return: A Novel




Near Haven is like any other small, dying fishing village dotting the Maine coastline-a crusty remnant of an industry long gone, a place that is mired in sadness and longing for what was and can never be again. People move away, yet they always seem to come back. It's a vicious cycle of small-town America. Liza Hawke thought that she'd gotten out, escaped across the country on a basketball scholarship. A series of bad decisions, however, has her returning home after nearly a decade. She struggles to accept her place in the fabric of this small coastal town, making amends to the people she's wronged and trying to rebuild her life in the process. Her return marks the beginning of a shift within the town as the residents that she's hurt so badly start to heal once more.





"I HIGHLY recommend this book."


"Great story, didn't want to put it down."


"This book is one of my favorites, it's well written and the characters are fantastic, it's a book that you can flip to any one page and instantly get pulled into the story, wanting to know more, connecting immediately to it."



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