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Unboxing the Sun





Veronica Marcco is plagued by boxes. Society expects her to fit into a nice and easy to comprehend set of them, but she’s never been able to quite make them fit. She has tried everything, but the problem is that she’s starting to realize that her box isn’t quite as easy to define as some. 

She is not gay, but she’s certainly not straight either. Queer works to an extent, but she’s never felt comfortable with that box either. She’s floundering in her confusion and her desperation. 

Enter Allison. She was only meant to be a one night stand, but she keeps coming back and Ronnie never quite finds the words to tell her to leave. Allison never pushes Ronnie to box herself up, but rather pushes Ronnie to start breaking all her own long-established rules when it comes to relationships. 

This is a story of growing love and terrible confusion. Reason never quite has anything to do with it, and Ronnie finds herself hurtling towards something that she’s never thought she’d ever actually achieve — happiness.





"This novella fascinated me."


"I really, really loved it."


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