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Nermia and Condor 





Once upon a time there was a goddess named Nermia whose lover was tricked into murdering her by the jealous god of the ocean. With her last dying breath, Nermia promised her lover that she would find them, no matter the cost. The promise was forgotten, lost in the annals of time and history, for many, many years. 

June is an artist who dreams of a kingdom in the clouds. She is on the cusp of adulthood, but her life has been put on pause by an illness that might not be entirely natural. Her mind is dying; there is a growth on her brain that has stymied her life. Just as she feels all hope is lost, she meets a creature from the ancient past who offers her a future in memories of a time long gone. 

Setting off to find the soul of the long-dead god Condor seems an impossible task to June. Her illness makes June feel as though she is constantly running out of time and her quarry seems nigh impossible to find. Condor is supposed to be a male god, but the only clue that seems viable is the intense pull of attraction she felt towards a girl she first caught sight of her freshman year of college. 

They say that everything happens for a reason, but June’s struggling to see what the reason might be. A chance encounter and a cup of spilled coffee might just change all that.


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